All Employees

Take immediate action to preserve your own safety, call 911 to report the emergency, and then follow the applicable Emergency Procedure. Phone usage during an emergency should be limited to official emergency use only.


The Chancellor, or appropriate designee, is responsible for determining if a situation rises to the level of "campus-wide emergency."

Administrators, Deans, Chairs, Directors, Supervisors

Every administrator, dean, department chair, director and supervisor has the following general responsibilities prior to and during any emergency:

Emergency Preparedness
  • Understand and disseminate emergency procedures and information to building occupants and employees with the assistance of the Building Supervisor/Emergency Officer
Emergency Situations
  • Inform all building occupants under their direction of the emergency condition.
  • Evaluate the impact of the emergency on their activity and take appropriate action. This may include ceasing operations and initiating emergency response.
Faculty and Staff
  • Each faculty and staff member has the responsibility to:
  • Educate their students/employees concerning the emergency procedures as outlined in this program with the assistance of the Building Supervisors.
  • Inform their students /employees of an emergency and initiate emergency procedures.