Active Killer

An active killer can be described as a person who causes death or serious bodily injury through the use of a firearm. This is a dynamic situation that usually evolves rapidly and demands an immediate response from law enforcement officers to terminate the life-threatening situation. The immediate response of the first officers on the scene is to take aggressive action to find and stop the killer or killers.

Points to Remember

At the Whitewater campus, officers from UW-Whitewater Police Department and the City of Whitewater Police Department will likely be the first to respond to the scene. At Rock County campus, officers from the UW-Whitewater Police Department, the Rock County Sheriff’s Office and the Janesville Police Department will likely be the first to respond. As they move into the affected area, rescue efforts will be delayed until the killer is located and stopped, or no longer a threat to safety.

Try to stay calm and patient during this time. Do not interfere with police operations. If you know information about the killer, tell the police.

If you are wounded, officers will bypass you to search for and stop the killer. Rescue teams will follow shortly to aid you and others.

When you encounter police, keep your hands above your head and in view. Listen to police instructions. When you are evacuating, do not carry anything that might be mistaken for a weapon.



• If it is possible to escape the area safely and avoid danger, do so by the nearest exit or window.

• If you cannot escape, turn off all lights and close and lock all windows and doors. If you cannot lock the door, block the door with desks and chairs.

• If you can do so safely, get all occupants on the floor and out of the line of fire.

• If you can do so safely, move to the core area of the building. Remain there until the police tell youit is safe to leave. Do not respond to commands until you are certain they are issued by a police          officer.


• If it is possible to escape the area safely and avoid danger, do so by the nearest exit or window.

• As you exit the building, keep hands above your head and listen for instructions by police officers.

• If you are unable to escape the building, move out of hallway and into an office or classroom. Try to  lock the door. If the door will not lock, try barricading the door with desks and chairs. Lie on the floor or under a desk. Remain silent. Wait for the police to find you. 


• There is no set procedure in this situation. If possible, call 911 and talk with a police dispatcher. If you cannot speak, leave the phone line open so police can hear what is

• If you are hiding and flight is impossible, you must consider all your options, including attempting to
overcome the suspect with force. Only you can decide if this is something you should do.

• If the killer exits your area and you are able to escape, leave the area immediately. While escaping, put your hands over your head as soon as you see a police officer.

• Immediately comply with any officer’s instructions.